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关于我们 – 多伦多华助中心








Introduction of Hua Zhu Overseas Chinese Service Center (Toronto)



Hua Zhu Overseas Chinese Service Center (Toronto) is a not-for-profit community services organization. Our initial services target the new immigrants, seniors, visitors and students. We have gradually building up the capacity to support the needs of a variety of ethnic newcomers resided in the Greater Toronto Area. Our goal is to assist the newcomers in different aspects by providing social, community and caring services. Our three core functions are “integration, support and caring” through working together to build a warm and supportive environment for our service target groups.


Hua Zhu Overseas Chinese Service Center (Toronto) encourages newcomers and other immigrant communities to live in a harmonious environment. Furthermore, we emphasize to provide services to the newcomers, helping them to live and develop abroad. Helping each other is one of the wonderful Canadian traditions. The mission statement of Hua Zhu Overseas Chinese Service Center (Toronto) is to enhance the integrity in order to achieve the Hua Zhu spirit that is “Unity, Support, Serving and Dedication”.


Hua Zhu Overseas Chinese Service Center (Toronto) is one of the partners of The Cross-Cultural Community Services Association (TCCSA). Our website address is www.huazhu.ca and toll free number is 1-800-569-9843 or (905) 475-7532. We also establish a reliable medical team and legal assistant team to assist help-seekers. We enthusiastically expand our services such as visiting seniors who live alone and make the seniors feel caring. We also help the disadvantaged, disabled and providing emergency assistances.


We sincerely invite the community to participate and donate to Hua Zhu. We are sure that Hua Zhu could help our target groups efficiently through the Hua Zhu spirit which also facilitates the well-being of diversified community through the social services.

多伦多华助中心理事会主席 郑永麟 ( 100% )
杨绮清– 多伦多华助中心荣誉顾问 (烈万锦市议员) ( 0% )


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